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Are you having difficulty meeting your financial obligations? Are you afraid to go to the mailbox because of the “past due” notices, and nervous every time the phone rings due of the constant calls from creditors? Is money, or the lack of it, all you’re able to think about day-in and day-out? If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps you could use the services of a bankruptcy attorney.

Tyler, Bartl & Ramsdell, P.L.C. can help if you need a bankruptcy attorney in Alexandria, VA. If financial stress is keeping you awake at night, don’t wait any longer – call 703-549-5000 today for a free consultation. We’ll help you get back on track toward financial stability.

Do You Really Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you are being threatened with foreclosure, repossession, or garnishment of your wages, you could benefit from consulting a bankruptcy attorney. Every individual and every company has the right to file for bankruptcy in order to get a fresh start.

Bankruptcy, like making a will, is something you could do yourself, but probably shouldn’t. Each case is a bit different, and there could be legal issues that you might not know how to handle. If you make a mistake, you could end up losing property. Bankruptcy court personnel are not permitted to advise you; only a lawyer can do that.

A bankruptcy attorney can help you to eliminate the obligation that you now have legally to pay most, or even all of what you owe. Filing for bankruptcy can:

  • Prevent wage garnishments
  • Stop repossession of property
  • Prevent your home from being foreclosed
  • Prevent your utilities from being cut off

Finally, filing for bankruptcy means that the phone calls will stop, and there will be no more unpleasant mail. You’ll feel far less stressed, and more like dealing with other day-to-day matters.

There are a few things that won’t be resolved by bankruptcy. You will still have to pay certain kinds of debt, like alimony, child support, court-ordered restitution, and most student loans. You will also have to pay any debts that you incur after you have filed.

What You Can Expect From a Bankruptcy Attorney

You can expect your bankruptcy attorney to represent your interests and ease your concerns. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t an easy decision, and you will probably have many questions. There will also be paperwork involved, and a bankruptcy attorney can handle this for you. There are non-lawyers out there who will also handle your documentation for a fee, but they’d be best avoided because they don’t have to abide by the same standards as a lawyer, who answers to the Bar Association. You can generally hire the services of a bankruptcy attorney for about the same cost as you could a non-lawyer.

Getting Back on the Right Financial Track

During the bankruptcy process, you can be secure in the knowledge that your bankruptcy attorney in Alexandria, VA is looking after your interests. There will be no surprises, and your attorney will take the stress and guesswork out of filing for you. You’ll know exactly what to expect, what property you can expect to retain, what fees will be attached to the procedure, and when you can expect to be discharged. You may also be surprised to find that the fees involved are surprisingly low, which is an added benefit when you’re already under financial stress.

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